Complex Interior Conditioner

Product 3 in 1.

1. DashBoard care - the unique concentrate that fulfills the functions of a protective polish and soft cleaning agent for plastic. It protects a surface from cracking, shrinkage and fading. It adds shine to the processed surface, giving its initial luster. It has antistatic effect that prevents dust accumulation. It doesn't contain aromatic compounds. It is recommended for external and internal processing of plastic materials.

2. Rubber care - an isolating and anti-frictional protective substance that does not contain neither mineral oils nor fats. It forms a durable polymer layer of silicone molecules on the treated surface, a layer that gives the surface excellent waterproof, dustproof and antistatic properties. It protects and restores the shine of surfaces. It lubricates the rollers and guides of safety belts and restores elasticity of rubber, thus preventing freezing of doors and boot lids during winter time.

3. Leather care - a special agent with a pleasant smell for effective cleaning and care of leather vehicle interiors, seats, furniture, motorcycle leather and other smooth leather products. It effectively removes external soiling and simultaneously strengthens the leather structure by deeply penetrating active substances. It restores elasticity, prevents deformation, cracking and drying out of the leather surfaces. It forms a waterproof layer that prevents slippery surfaces. It does not contain dyes and is suitable for all colours of leather goods.

Capacity: 450 ml