Windshield wipers for Buses and Trucks

Special requirements are placed on truck and buses brushes: Clean and clean the entire surface of not only flat, but also convex glass over a wide range of vehicle speeds and temperature conditions from the brushes of trucks. To possess sufficient wear resistance (the service life of a quality brush subject to the operating conditions, as a rule, is not less than a year). The brushes of commercial vehicles have always been particularly stringent requirements, because they are operated regularly all year round, in any weather, over long distances. The windshield wipers of the VITANO Truck TW (LKW) series fully meet all requirements for the operation of commercial vehicles.


Set: 1 pcs. in pack

Type: LKW windshield wipers

Size (mm.): 24''- 600 mm

Size (mm.): 26''-650 mm

Size (mm.): 28''-700 mm

Size (mm.): 32''-800 mm

Size (mm.): 40''-1000 mm