Frameless windshield wipers

In recent years frameless windshield wipers have enjoyed quite a high demand due to their softness and good flexibility, which provides an excellent adaptation to the windshield and qualitative adherence. However, such wipers are more suitable for vehicles with "smoother" (without the strong roundings) glasses, because of the absence of the frame they have low ruggedness and are not effective on the more rounded glass surfaces.
The Vitano frameless windshield wipers are made of high quality elastic rubber with the use of plastic elements; they have the form of a spoiler, which provides an excellent downforce of the windshield wiper while moving. The advantage of this model of wipers (frameless) is a maximum adaptation to different climatic conditions, including snowy weather.


Set: 1 pcs. in pack

Type: Frameless windshield

Size (mm.): 14''-350 mm

Size (mm.): 15''-380 mm

Size (mm.): 16''-400 mm

Size (mm.): 18''-450 mm

Size (mm.): 19''-480 mm

Size (mm.): 20''-500 mm

Size (mm.): 21''-530 mm

Size (mm.): 22''-550 mm

Size (mm.): 23''-580 mm

Size (mm.): 24''-600 mm

Size (mm.): 26''-650 mm