Windshield wipers with universal mounting

Vitano Frameless universal windshield wipers with a universal set of adapters have enjoyed quite a high demand and this is due to the coan g of n w car
models, each arcle be omes more profitable, each brush fits 10 different
types of wiper arm mounts. Such wipers reduce storage costs, increase
turnover, increase profitability.
Quick and easy brush replacement: 1-2-3 and done!
1. Choose a suitable adapter from 4 opons
2. Fix it on the wiper blade
3. Install the wiper on the lever - that's it!

VITANO: Aero Universal AUW

Set: 1 pcs. in pack with 10 adapters

Type: Frameless universal windshield wipers

Size (mm.): 14''-350 mm

Size (mm.): 15''-380 mm

Size (mm.): 16''-400 mm

Size (mm.): 18''-450 mm

Size (mm.): 19''-480 mm

Size (mm.): 20''-500 mm

Size (mm.): 21''-530 mm

Size (mm.): 22''-550 mm

Size (mm.): 23''-580 mm

Size (mm.): 24''- 600 mm

Size (mm.): 26''-650 mm