Frame windshield wipers

Frame windshield wipers are the most classic models that have been installed on cars for decades. They have good reputation because of their robustness, extensive versatility and ease of installation. Such windshield wipers are equipped with a metal frame and moving hinged springs, which press the rubber band of the windshield wiper to the surface of the glass.
Despite significant progress in the design of the wiper blades and the emergence of new more modern models, the Vitano frame windshield wipers still remain relevant and high-demand. Their robustness (due to the metal frame), the possibility of changing the rubber blade after its wear, as well as a good adherence even to the glasses with strong roundings plays an important role in this.

VITANO: Standart SW/SW2

Set: SW - 1 pcs. in pack

Set: SW2 - 2 pcs. in pack

Type: Frame windshield wipers

Size (mm.): 15''-380 mm

Size (mm.): 16''-400 mm

Size (mm.): 18''-450 mm

Size (mm.): 19''-480 mm

Size (mm.): 20''-500 mm

Size (mm.): 21''-530 mm

Size (mm.): 22''-550 mm

Size (mm.): 23''-580 mm

Size (mm.): 24''-600 mm

Size (mm.): 26''-650 mm