Hybrid windshield wiper

Hybrid windshield wipers are the most modern of the existing types of windshield wipers. They combine the advantages of frame and frameless windshield wipers. These features make them very practical and therefore they are in demand among motorists.

The Vitano hybrid windshield wipers have a frame similar to those of the standard ones, but they are also equipped with a protective casing that hides all the hinges, protecting them from ice accretion during the winter, and also increasing the downforce while moving. These windshield wipers are suitable for all types of glasses and are effective on all cars. Theirs benefits also include long service life and attractive design.


Set: 1 pcs. in pack

Type: Hybrid windshield

Size (mm.): 14''-350 mm

Size (mm.): 15''-380 mm

Size (mm.): 16''-400 mm

Size (mm.): 18''-450 mm

Size (mm.): 19''-480 mm

Size (mm.): 20''-500 mm

Size (mm.): 21''-530 mm

Size (mm.): 22''-550 mm

Size (mm.): 23''-580 mm

Size (mm.): 24''-600 mm

Size (mm.): 26''-650 mm