Vitano Industry GmbH pays great attention to the quality of the produced air filters and the improvement of their production technology. The composition of the impregnation resins and the impregnation technology of the base filter paper are selected according to the requirements of the car manufacturers.

AIR Filters

What's the advantage of
Vitano Industry air filters?
Maximum cleaning performance
Vitano Industry air filter pleats do not stick to each other because they are stabilized by a special perforated coating. Thanks to their uniform distribution, filtration occurs over the entire surface of the filter media, resulting in maximum cleaning efficiency.
Fire protection
According to the F1 or S1 flammability classes, the filter materials used in Vitano Industry products do not support combustion and protect against self-extinguish. They protect a car from ignition if, for example, a cigarette butt is sucked in by air.
Do not lose airtightness
To produce them, we use a unique polyurethane blend that is resilient and compression-resistant at extremely high temperatures. Even under these operating conditions, Vitano Industry air filters do not lose their tightness.
Modern filtering materials
Produced from cellulose, impregnated with phenolic, epoxy or acrylic resins, or a modern synthetic non-woven material, the advanced filter media used in Vitano Industry air filters provide a filtration efficiency of 99.9% of particles as small as a few microns each. Each filter media is appropriately matched to the vehicle manufacturer's requirements (OEM quality).