Cabin filters are designed to remove exhaust fumes, dust, soot and pollen from the air entering the vehicle, thereby reducing the health hazards for the driver and passengers. In addition, Vitano Industry GmbH cabin filters protect vehicle heaters and air conditioners from contamination, thereby ensuring the comfort and safety of vehicle use.

CABIN Filter

What's the advantage of
Vitano Industry cabin filters?
Eco-friendly activated carbon
It is activated carbon that binds particles of harmful gases so that the passenger compartment is free of unpleasant odors. A filter with activated carbon is available for virtually most vehicle models. The activated carbon used in Vitano Industry GmbH cabin filters is made, among other things, from coconut shells, an environmentally friendly product.
Particle filtration up to 1 micron
Due to the electrostatic effect, small particles of contamination adhere to the fibers only a little closer to the filter partition. The effectiveness of such a filter is easy to check, just look at the condition of the used filter when replacing it and imagine that all the accumulated contaminants may have ended up in our bodies.
The Vitano Industry GmbH filter element consists of a fully synthetic, non-woven material with the ability to trap particles as small as 1 µm, i.e. 70 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair. This ensures that most contaminants are trapped in the cabin filter.
Activated carbon in filter
Activated carbon is added to the cabin filter element of the new generation of Vitano Industry GmbH cabin filters. These filters exhibit excellent filtration performance, allowing, among other things, to retain up to 96% of the harmful substances contained in the exhaust gases. The filter element consists of two layers of fully synthetic non-woven material, between which the activated carbon is placed, which is an additional third layer of the filter partition.