Brake Pads
Vitano Industry offers a wide range (over 2000 types) of high quality brake pads and shoe for the majority of passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Therefore, raw materials and components are sourced from trusted and certified manufacturers. Our products are subjected to strict and constant control at all stages of the production process.
What's the advantage of
Vitano Industry brake pads?
Vitano Industry servicing the Global Automotive OE & Aftermarket with Quality Brake Pads and Shoes. Our brake products are of OE-like quality: positive moulded, CU-free and/or scorched where applicable, and use antinoise shim. Car parc coverage: >95%, 1600 pads + 400 shoe references.
Global Service
Premium low-metallic formula in Vitano Industry Brake Pads, using a variety of top-grade imported raw materials to ensure stable product performance. It has advantages such as low wear, low noise, stable high-temperature and high-speed friction performance.
Individual Formula
Vitano Industry’s brake pads are ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO/TS 16949 and OHSAS 18001 quality certified. Throughout the production process, the facilities used are world class and incorporate state-of-the-art technology to produce precise OE specifications to ensure the highest quality. Vitano Industry prides itself on supplying its partners with Brake Pads that are consistent and of a high quality.

According to the F1 or S1 flammability classes, the filter materials used in Vitano Industry products do not support combustion and protect against self-extinguish. They protect a car from ignition if,
for example, a cigarette butt is sucked in by air.
Vitano Industry's engineers using OE Benchmark Link Dyno testing and 3D Prototype Manufacturing. Equipment includes Brake Test Center, Claus tester, constant speed, shear, thermal expansion tester, compression testing machine, scanning electron microscope and other physicochemical analysis equipment.