One of the most important operating parts of a car. It keeps the engine running reliably and trouble-free by cleaning the engine oil flowing through it of worn particles.

OIL Filter

What's the advantage of
Vitano Industry oil filters?
Filter design
Matching the design, valve properties, and rubber gaskets to the engine or vehicle manufacturer's requirements is the key to the valve-type housing oil filters. The valves in Vitano Industry oil filters are designed to meet individual requirements so that the filter always performs its role properly in the oil system.

Top quality materials
The most modern materials are used as filter elements: special filter paper (based on cellulose fiber or synthetic), special impregnating resins (phenolic or epoxy) that allowed to improve considerably quality of filtration and service life before replacement. At manufacturing of oil filters of Viano Industry GmbH special components (anti-drainage/bypass valves, rubber sealing gaskets) which possess the raised firmness to action of various aggressive environments and high temperatures are used.
Filter tightness
Finished oil filters undergo numerous leak tests. The tests are carried out using modern and automated measuring machines. Only sealed filters are allowed for sale.
Modern materials
Vitano Industry GmbH uses cellulose-based filter papers impregnated with phenolic and epoxy resins as well as synthetic filter media or mixtures thereof as filter media. These are multi-layer materials with different structures and different filtering properties for each layer.