Vitano Industry GmbH manufactures a wide range of fuel filters from the simplest carburetor models to complex and expensive devices. The design of the fuel filter depends on the type of engine for which it is intended. Vitano Industry fuel filters ensure a constant fuel supply to the engine, eliminating impurities in the fuel such as soot, rust, dirt and water; thus preventing the complex fuel systems of modern internal combustion engines from failing.

FUEL Filter

What is the advantage
of Vitano Industry fuel filters?
Filtration standard
Vitano Industry GmbH filter cartridges for fuel filters are used in diesel engines of passenger cars, commercial vehicles, agricultural and construction machinery. Microfiber multilayer materials are also used here, thanks to which a filtration fineness of less than 2 μm is achieved, providing the best possible protection for fuel systems, which exceeds all the most stringent requirements of car manufacturers.
The most modern filtering materials are used as the filter element, it can be filter paper based on cellulose fiber, as well as its mixtures with the addition of synthetic nonwoven fiber - microfiber, multilayer materials, which in addition to cleaning fuel trap water molecules, providing protection against corrosion of the injection system.
Fuel system compatibility
Vitano Industry GmbH fuel filters are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of vehicle manufacturers and can withstand the high pressure required for normal fuel system operation, while having sufficient flow capacity and high dirt holding capacity. Thanks to our solutions, they meet the highest technical standards (OEM quality).
Perfect tightness
Fuel filters, in addition to careful particle filtration, especially in the 2-5 micron range, must be absolutely airtight. After all, every fuel leak can lead to a vehicle fire Vitano Industry GmbH's housing filters have a robust, leak-proof housing consisting of materials that are resistant to both fuel and external aggressive environments. The materials used for the fuel filter housings are sheet steel with corrosion protection, stainless steel, aluminium or plastic, which can withstand vibration loads and high pressure.